Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Writing The Good Word - Seminar Preview

Today marks the beginning of my friend and colleague, NYTimes Bestselling author Tracy Hickman's signature writing workshop, the Scribe's Forge.  I'll be attending the inaugural class of his ambitious project, and though I won't be giving away any of the course material, I will be posting here to chronicle my personal journey through the program.

As some of you may know, I am using the Scribe's Forge publishing system to offer Book One of the Sword of the Christ trilogy online. Scribe's Forge is Mr. and Mrs. Hickman's personal imprint and will cover an array of services including their seminars, workshops, turn-key publishing method, and the online and print versions of their Dragon's Bard series of novels.

Tracy and Laura Hickman have been writing and publishing fantasy fiction for over thirty years. They've accumulated a lifetime of knowledge and are now offering themselves as teachers and role-models to a whole new generation of writers. To be honest, the chance to learn from such an accomplished duo, to open the door to their experience and insights, is a practically invaluable opportunity.

Having attended the Hickman's writing workshop at GenCon 2010, I'm confident in predicting that this intensive seminar will be well worth it's modest price tag. Not only do Mr. and Mrs. Hickman offer a unique and refreshing perspective on the publishing industry, the couple also showcases their deep understanding of the principals and philosophy of professional writing.

Whether you are a wanna-be author, a "just-published" nubile, or a seasoned veteran of the New York publishing trenches, you'll find valuable advice from the Scribe's Forge system of seminars and workshops.

Visit the website below, watch the preview, and join these bestselling authors (whose novels are found on every nerd-bookshelf in America) on the their journey to forge, from the molten fires of a combined SIXTY years of experience, a new generation of well-read, well-informed authors.

Scribe's Forge Writing Workshops

-E. St. Sinn

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