Tuesday, March 1, 2011

500lb Guerrilla

In writing the Sword of the Christ series, and using the Scribe's Forge publishing method, I have realized that marketing and promotion are what is really going to set this story apart.

Most writers write, -Of course they do!- but what "most writers" don't realize is that they're job doesn't stop once their fingers leave the keyboard and they cease spouting line after line of pretty purple prose. After the story is done, then the real work begins. Marketing, the means of putting your book's title, cover, and logos in front of your readers faces as often as possible, is really the responsibility of the writer.

In today's publishing world, the sad truth is that publication houses really don't want to waste their time on something that doesn't sell, or something that they don't feel they can get a lot out of with minimum investment in promotion capital. So, now that the days of having our hands held through the process of becoming a success, we writers must take up our pens and our telephones, start sending out inquiries, media kits, and advance copies, and really put the "work" into writing.

If we want to get our stories read, we must do more that write them. We must market them. What's the best way? How do you go about marketing something that barely exists with no money, no contacts, and no help? Easy! Go out and get yourself a book called Guerrilla Marketing for Writers by Jay Levinson, Rick Frishman, Michael Larsen, and David Hancock.

The book deals with all the questions of the nubile author, the unpubbed, the self-pubbed, and the wanna-be-pubbed.  Within this slick tome, you'll find a wealth of information on the deeply shrouded processes used to create a marketing success with low-cost or no-cost tools that are available to every writer. If you do more than read this book, if you USE it, you're almost guaranteed to push your book into the limelight. That's what we're attempting to do with SotC.

If you'd like to help us, please, tell everyone! Shamelessly plug our website! Write reviews, call your bookstores, subscribe, get vocal! We need your help! Come, join our "Ministry" of readers who are willing to help us spread the good word about the Sword of the Christ series!

If you'd like to market your own material, then visit www.gmarketing.com to check out the books!

-E. St. Sinn

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