Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hallelujah! The Blog of the Christ is Alive!

Thank you for reading the "Blog of the Christ", the online diary and discussion of the writing and publication process of the fantasy novel series, Sword of the Christ.

My name is El St. Sinn, and I'm about halfway through the writing of SotC (Sword of the Christ):Book One. The series will consist of three books, each detailing a different portion of the life of Jesus, the Christ. These books are written for those with open minds, and are not necessarily of a christian slant.

Book One begins with the nativity, and brings in the fantasy element in a very big way. I believe that Christ's story, the story of Jesus as the son of God in the flesh, the savior of mankind, lends itself to a fantasy retelling.

Jesus, the chosen prophet of Judea, battles demons, performs miracles, and learns about himself and his world as he makes the transition from a troubled young man to the sword-wielding Son of God.

Please, follow along with us on this biblically epic journey.

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-E. St. Sinn

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